'Who am I' she asks : A creative explosion of paradoxical remarks the student replied.

Imperfect Love


“What you’re saying only exists in a perfect world. You know it doesn’t work that way.”
Refusing to pout, she only stared blankly in reply, “I know that.”
“So why do you buy into the belief? Why beguile yourself that way?”
With a sigh she confesses, “it’s not about the likelihood of coming true. I’ve read lots of book on people and it is probably a losing faith to invest into,”
Squaring her shoulders, she went on, “but I’d like to believe in the concept of unconditional love among people.”
A pause. “I’d just like to.”
He looked onward, stunned, not by her words, as he had heard them before
Yet stunned all the same by the imperceptible strength of will he saw
She possessed in love,  because the fact was, she hadn’t given up on him.

Tongue in Cheek


“So, it’s decided then,” he clasped his hands together for dramatic effect,
“Let’s go fall in love.”
“You can’t just say that.”
“Why ever not.”
“Because people don’t just fall in love once you say so.”
“Oh contraire, my love, you are missing the objective of life.”
Seeing the allusion, she intercepts, “I’m not in love with you.”
“Certainly,” he turns his back towards her to hide a smile,
“It’s not a state of being you’re referring to, yet somehow you just are.”

The Future


He was all just skins and bones, crouching before me
The toughened elbows of a 12 year old boy propped on his knee
With eyes that glowered instead as a man, I thoroughly believed him when he said,
“You and I, we are the pioneers of the world.”
Though we were but children hiding in our dug out
When they ask me today where he has been since, I can’t answer
Without coming back to this image of our defiance
Almost the perfect way to summarize what I’ve been meaning to say
As a farewell eulogy for his entombment in my mind

Twilight Effects


“You start to realize after a while that sex doesn’t really matter
As much since you’ve turned a new stone.” This fascinated her
As she laid upon his chest post-coital, she asks why
Equally bemused and taken by her inquisitiveness to life, he looks up at the ceiling
And says, “You just get used to being your own person, without giving two fucks
A partner stands besides you, but you’re still alone with yourself at the end of the day.”
Maybe it was his pessimism, oddly enough
Or the nonplussed attitude he had about opinions, she remembers
Falling for no reason, other than that she was addicted
To him, in contrary to all reason, and against his own better judgment

La Femme


The perennial effects of a handsome woman
Lies in the decided attitude at once
Lithe, without remark
The fragile strength her shoulders rests upon
Startled by a muted cough
Equal in yearning her eyes
A young deer stalking into a field of dreams
Upon a leap of faith
Given the hand that feeds, she trusts
One can only speculate
She had loved once, jaded
Virgin bespeaks
Truncated love, the doe weeps
The butterfly effect
Changing seasons
Flushed in headlights, her surmise
Lost, in the set of her jawline
Safeguarded, a glance short
Of a broken hearted cry

A Lifelong Search


An embrace ought to be more than
The singing of our atoms pulling together
Vibrations in the air, often mistaken for a spark
A deep stare between dilated pupils suggests
Pivoting orbits whose axle chanced to align with yours,
With precision I cannot tell you true love apart from
A familiar anecdote you might have once heard,
You’ll know when you find it
Is what she said



Grappling with their heart of
Strengths exposed, the thundering silence ensuing
Defines champions,
Moments before the arena awakens in finite time
She prays silently, “I’m sorry,” as untapped surrogacy of
Nurtured diligence
Punctuated the crack of your jaw upon impact,
“But I have to win.”



Scrambling among the letters posted
Her eyes scanned feverishly, between when we first fell
Into, and then out of
Old sentiments, provided any given clue
Until alas she collapses, “I can’t find it.” she says.
Spurned, love blinds those who hunger for it
In their myopic despair, when in fact
They’ve only just missed it.

Therapy For The Restless


“So what if we had to wade our way through the streets
Ever since all our thoughts became tangibles left in our wake?”
I could already see the engines starting in gear behind your eyes
Though you divert it with an interruption –
“Now why would you say that?”
“What if someone in this world actually lives like that today,
Feeling inundated by all our covert thoughts that up until now
They have felt blinded by.”
But the proposal was lost on you my friend, the scientist, I could already see
The questions burgeoning on the eve of clarification
As to whether our tangible thoughts trailed after us
Rather than just lingered in one place, enough that I exclaim,
“Can’t you for one moment entertain the idea of an abstract universe?”
Yet your eyes scanned my pupils for detection of hinted exasperation
Without being able to see what is incalculable
By virtue, that is the breadth of our minds.

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