It’s the greed that takes us. Like a baby’s breath. It’s ephemeral ecstasy lasting into all we do. The urges and shouts and this grungy place. She says I don’t need this. Oh but I do.

She watches, as do I. How they have all grown. I love them I say. I do too. You liar. You heinous, insane, abysmal thing. What do you know of to be their who. – Oh but I do.

We walk along moody, nothing detrimental, sharing of stories, all those precious days. They cry STOP, I don’t want to hear this and I am too shocked to say. I think we all know in our heads, oh but I do.

She’s lost it. The fortune, and the fame. Raging, this lost starlet is a crumbling threat. I hate her. I hate you, go fuck the world.  And so I do.

My dear, I’m afraid, don’t leave me at night. Sing to me, talk to me and wish me goodnight. Your voice, oh baby I love you, how I do. We’ll be a family and I’ll cook dinner so what do you say? Smile my love, it’s a beautiful day. Smile , smile, smile – for the pictures and the memories and let’s ignore the delay. Oh but I do.

How could you, you hateful bastard. Distasteful and disgrace, what ever have I got to do. Look at this mess and it’s all because of you. They cry and scream, all at you. My life you have ruined ! Of all the things to do, never have I made such a stupid mistake like you  – oh but I do.

Darling, what happened. To our house and yourself. Why are you crying and covered in bruise? Come to me, lie on my lap, I’ll soothe you. Shh, don’t tell me, I know who.

I’m angry, I watch, helpless and poised. I see them, I see her, the madman in coo. So stupid and ignorant, I really feel bad for all of you. I hear her she says:

I love you, I do, my baby, tell me who hurt you –

Oh but I do.

– A piece of childhood.