I’ve been told that I resemble this legendary dinosaur.

See the resemblance?

Or a hyena. You choose – because of my laughter. You can’t get more complimentary than that.

I’m the girl that claps her hands together and mini celebrates herself for solving a math problem. Cause you know, it’s hard to get all the chemistry right – get the formation, solve the equation, and pray you got the right answer. It’s like hoping you’re always doing the right thing.

Well I could never understand why so many people are hell-bent on getting the ‘right’ answer. Who came up with an answer key to all your life’s problems? –  I’m also the girl who suffers from estranged laughing episodes, where it’s a short silent film of knee-slapping or retarded seal clapping. Either or, it gets audiences – whether weird looks, mockery, or sometimes, laughter. I would wake up in the morning, and be in a good mood. I would walk outside, and marvel at the sunrise. I would look into the mirror and smile – any excuse to indulge in teenage narcissism of course. I would break down and laugh, while I’m probably trying to put up the front of being angry or serious. Am daily entertained by my cat, who comes to resemble one food item to another. The point is, these supposedly asinine moments strikes at any time. Spontaneously. And quite generously.

All you’ve got to do is laugh

.Personally, I think I’m more of a penguin, or at most a dying goose. But hey, we all need our rose colored glasses.

S.M.I.L.E – One size fits all.