Sex. Food. Boys. Body. Oh where do I start. Well let’s say this was with my mom and grandma. How’s that for a Saturday?

I’ve come to love these miraculous family bonding time that maybe I’ve never realized and had always existed, or perhaps it’s when we all grew up a little and stopped the incessant bickering. As my mom has recently returned from her mini vacation avec le nouveau beau (applause for on the spot french) from mexico, of course you ask your mother to dish it !

We chatted about his personality, his looks, and even compared him to her past boyfriends – see we’re never too old to do stuff that 16 year olds still do. And yes, we even got to the point where we talked about sex. But it’s not what you’re thinking, it wasn’t the talk, it was my mom’s sex life. Some of you might be flinching and thinking I’m mad. Maybe a tad – I learn to love it. But somehow I find it alright to process this information after it has settled. And that is quite a bit coming from someone who admittedly is very old-fashioned and somewhat of an airhead romance  conservative we shall say, about her mother’s initial decision to pursue partners. I am genuinely very happy for her, and seeing her photos makes me glad that I was able to see even a parent is allowed to have a life. So maybe all those never ending tv shows featuring cougars are worthwhile. Some.

Naturally, talking leads to eating, so my mother and I both stuffed ourselves silly whilst discussing all of the above. And eating in this family, means eating a lot, evidently also getting jacked on Vietnamese coffee – explains my lack of focus for this post. But what I enjoy the most was visiting my grandma. And no she cannot read english, much less search for this blog so no bonus suck up points there.

See the family resemblance?
See the family resemblance?

I remember all the times that I had viciously complained about her when she lived with us, and now that she’s in a senior home there’s much room left for compassion, and visiting her today, even for a brief hour and a half was amazing in the laid back evening which will make for one of the greatest memory of a family. And now that I’ve finally reached the stage where I’m no longer ugly duckling I chimed in alongside of my grammies when she playfully picked on my mother to compare our looks. Alas this tres belle swan is emerging.

My grandma also jabbed at me about my sad life with no boys, and she said they were all blind. In hindsight we spoke of nothing really important, but somehow the entire evening was important all the same; I saw my grandmother’s chapped foot and chipped toe nail and there was just this vivid surge to make them better. Take away all the years and bad stuff. Though until I figure out this time warp thing with physics – one of my worse subjects – I will relish in her scent (which had been one of the things that I had avoided before), but tonight I did not mind at all that she pressed my face against hers and wished for my return soon. I did not feel disturbed to kiss her on the forehead when we departed. I felt proud that she was exhilarated to somewhat ‘show me off’ to the local staff members and fellow occupants. She’s a little lady with a big personality, which I tried my hardest to charge against, but she’s no bull – she’s a trooper.

The car ride home I spent desperately trying to utilize my limited Chinese vocabulary to convince/explain to my half listening mom that rock/metal are meaningful. Constantly shoving in her face some Seether, Maynard James Keenan, 30 Seconds to Mars, Adelitas Way, Disturbed..nothing too hardcore – worth a shot right? But I caved and we ended the night dueting to the Beatles, Elvis, and the Police while driving in the rain. Sometimes, it’s no real lesson, just a realization of what you already have.

When was the last time you had such a day with your family and truly cherished it?