Guilty as charged.

mean girls


We’ve all done it before. Dishing it or wishing it. But if you’re one of those incredibly rare creature of humanoid barbie and ken then please do continue reading to help suffice your lesser worldly cousins’ deflated self-esteem.

Do you remember the last time you whole-heartedly complimented someone – you don’t know. Or the last time someone complimented you, and this is in reverse, someone you might know…not so well, and you didn’t have to second guess whether this was one of those occasions where you came off like a Lindsay Lohan in mean girls, thanks to those backhanded compliments we all adore. Or if you’re really lucky and came off as just a cynical man-whore for doubting a genuinely nice person. Somehow I’m going to be bias and say it’s the latter and a long while since either has happened for you – still hoping for those nonexistence just introverted shy pure people to show us the true glory of  honest communication.

My friend had nonchalantly commented this morning, oh Sarah you must get tons of compliments, I can’t be the only one. Hmm. No. Trying to remember the last time I had confidently accepted a compliment from an acquaintance, most likely from school, is like me trying to reiterate all the math formula’s we’ve learned so far. Which, for both cases, seem to have been a long time ago. But why is that we somehow doubt compliments directed towards us? Even if it was relegated to the most simple form of “You look nice today” and still even after we’ve thanked them, we, well some of us more narcissistic lads, have to rethink that whole ‘event’ trying to detect the slightest hint of sarcasm in the other person or the off chance that we have somehow been insulted.

Me? Really? - No I'm not saying that to fish for compliments...
Me? Really? – No I’m not saying that just to fish for compliments..

But you know those old styled compliments like the one above…guess what? They still WORK! Genius. No really, you drop all your guard and smile like you mean it – so look for that crinkle and twinkle – and compliment anyone on something on or about them that you actually like and I guarantee you’ve probably just boosted that person’s day by 10%. I’ve had two little girls from elementary tell me I’m pretty in the school bus, and I was having a lousy day, so no way was I expecting someone to think I’m pretty with the long horse face going on. But they said it, they meant it, and I felt thankful. Course much more happier – keep the compliments flowing for a smooth ride and a fake smile!

So when did it become difficult to honestly express an emotion, a good one no less, to someone. Even to our own parents and siblings. Joyous, that is a fun struggle because I’ve had the toughest time trying to admit that okay, fine, my mother is attractive and so is my sister. But for as long as I can remember every compliment directed their way I’ve retorted with ugh. I am so grown up I know.

So to start off this chain reaction, I decided to take a leap of faith and told this very pretty, tall blonde girl in my Bio class that she looked nice. And I actually did mean it guys, she’s not just pretty – the girl is smart too – So two thumbs up for no rude, dumb blondes. Then for a moment, it was relaxed, the barrier between social butterfly (her) and rabid raccoon (moi) dropped and we shared a moment where thanks wasn’t delivered in that high pitched ‘Gosh thanks!’, which we all know when someone’s lying.

Now, I pass this onto your hands to begin this first day of ugly, rainy, cloudy, beautiful December.