As for etiquette and social manners, I’d think opening the door for someone, saying your thankyou’s and your please’s are a given. So what about that greeting? What was said when someone came home or just had a long day? No , not a swag of beer , uhm, How was your day?

Sounds simple right? It’s like the nutritionist telling us how easy it is to incorporate all their faithful diet plans into our daily life – which is why we all do it. The idea of asking someone how was their day is probably as ancient as those healthy assholes  optimists that make us feel bad for our binges, or in this case complete indulgence in ourselves, and the percentage of those who do either is comparatively the same I’d say. Hey, when was the last time you asked someone how was their day, and when I tell you this I don’t mean that awkward fill-in-the-silence kind of how are you, but a genuine one – that’s born of proper interest and social habit. In short, the kind where you actually give a damn to talk about it, otherwise your filling-in-the-silence just died by your hands anyway.

Tips to make this whole ordeal less tedious?

If you happen to be slightly down that day, who knows, ask someone obviously gloomy and pinch humor at their relative misfortune. Or if you want to feel good about yourself ask someone anyway and just know you’re doing the fella a great favor in letting them unload a  whole lot off their chest – or if you’re really in the mood to be a rat bastard force feed them your incredible bravo story of the day in reciprocal favor.

People don’t seem to realize that you can share so much with that one question being asked. It’s how my sister and I finally started to get along and be accustomed to each other’s lives after both has gotten more independent. It’s not a lame thing to ask for all of you out there that think this is the last generation of baby boomers, nor it is a tactic for overbearing parents to secretly decode your teenage-ism to find out whether or not you’ve gone to third base. This might surprise you, but sometimes social etiquette had been born of good faith at one time. No matter how trivial, it lets us recount our day, an informal way of reminiscing, and if you’re lucky you get to hear a funny story. If not, then punch them in the face for wasting your time.

Sometimes even adults forget how to talk. Reverting back to baby-ism. My aunt once exclaimed that I had asked her this very simple question during breakfast even though she has two teenagers, works like anybody else, and often throws house parties – so interacts with a lot of people. Of course people will always come up and start babbling away anyway, but hey, it’s nice to get a fancy invitation. Gives the hint of whether or not I really give a damn for your story. But in the face of good faith, I always do..


My ingenious tip to make new friends. You’re welcome.