You know the feeling when you’ve already missed out on something that you know you should be doing but haven’t in a while? That annoying guilt that has over stayed it’s welcome whenever your subconscious reverts back to that topic to haunt you, and even though you feel bad its never enough to actually get you anywhere. Following the self debate of how tedious the task is and how it really is no big deal. Guys, I’m sorry, I’m talking about blogging.

I’ve been skipping out, maybe because I have no good ideas to share, or actually I do, just unwritten little skeptics in my head. But it’s this close to Christmas so I won’t nag on life lectures, I can be cooler than that. I present my challenge ( to myself ) and whoever reading as my witness.

I don’t know about you guys but for my family members, especially the elders, it’s really tough for adolescents who have a limit on their budget to get you a worthwhile Christmas gift. And while this particular teen has no culinary thumb ( since after she made her mother a cake for mother’s day and she ate perhaps a bite, it was time to surrender to the cooking gods).

ImageFor la mama et la grandmama – See I had thought it’d be good too, but hey, you can never judge a book by the cover , except for those ribbon flowers, I think it made the entire event tolerable – for my mom – much more of a “oops sorry, 16 years and never realized once that mother’s day was a day before my birthday.” – Love, daughter

But having tried, and failed, this poor girl was desperate, and started the trend of gifting hand made gifts – so far so good. Like we all know, never give up… Or something less cheesy to get you motivated, that’s fine, I hate my enthusiasm too.

Now the challenge is this year ; I have not  prepared myself to sing my mother a full cover CD of old schooled music, and had chosen this precise moment to get a graceful cold – but I heard nasally voices are sexy right? Also attempting to sew fancy lil handkerchiefs for, not what I had initially thought for just my mother and grandmother, but for my sister and one of the most supportive and understanding teacher I have ever met.

ImageGood luck me.

Drum roll and head bang for my second year celebrating Christmas with my own tree and family. You gotta make stuff happen guys – oops, couldn’t lay off on the moral lessons. But it’s all about giving for this holiday right?

Maybe hand made gifts are kind of lame. Or for cheap stakes  if you gotta put a label on it. But as my friend said, even as the world is a contemporary movement, everybody can use a little classic. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. If it’s snowing on your side, know my wrath and jealousy will shroud you, cheerios.