Stop the ugly.
From your petty laughter to your ambiguous comments,
At least act better, so I may not have to witness,
That you are all in fact liars.
And the world is high on our disaster and I cannot suffocate my hysteria.

Stop the ugly.
Childish little false elves that dance under the moonlight,
Only for lovers, not for the general sight.
And if I were to catch you, you may look at my bad side and say;
How ugly even though we’re completely alike.

Tastes the tears; it’s pathetic a show,
The way we do things, it’s just like an after school special.
If I could have it my way, you’d know by now,
I can’t stop the ugly,
I’m ugly.

And whilst the Disney princess celebrates in grotesque fashion,
I cannot bother a bit with my glass slippers,
The ground is treacherous,
I tred with malicious care,
Maintaining thy misleading chatter,
Emulating with your distaste for each other.
The dust on your rose glasses,
Must be as strong as grandma’s cataracts.

And you say to never see me,
I step far away;
When you say ‘don’t say that’
It hurts me,
To see actual truth in your eyes.
You care for me?

I believe you.

But If you were to know me,
I would already know.
The entire play right is a scripture in my mind,
A dramatic tragedy it’d be,
When you stabbed me.
Through not the heart,
But of the mind that meets me,
Into thinking
I could ever be big enough
To truly love you.

And it’d be the first droplet of crimson tears,
The beginning,

But It’s ugly,
And you cannot unsee the bad.
Much like I, no matter I beg or plead;
It is fine that you cannot see me,
If that helps you stop the ugly.