Yesterday, I got my first critic. In my brief – now in hindsight, actually 6 months (wow) – months of blogging, I’ve read multiple posts from other bloggers about how they handled themselves, and sometimes even speaking about forgiveness. Sadly, I am not that graceful. The inner Duck was livid and seething indeed. But I really hope this post doesn’t give airs that I’m trying to portray anyone to be the villain. Suppose the person who commented ever re-visits my blog and reads this, quite frankly, this is more to calm my own ego than a poor attempt to get back at you.

The comment:

I’m a little confused about this post, it seems to be everywhere. I understand you are Chinese, but Karate and Geisha are from the Japanese culture and K-pop is Korean. It was actually really hard to read, I’m sorry to say because your examples don’t seem to relate to you as a person and the things you are trying to disprove. The things you have also stated about Geisha are untrue, they don’t put bird poop on their faces, the modern geisha actually uses a form or rice powder and a certain primer as their make up. As for if the Barbie or the Geisha is a better cultural symbol. I must say the Geisha, because they are artists who work hard to be where they are at and preserve Japans traditional arts better than anything else out there. It’s an extremely challenging profession. Maybe if Barbies were based off of some woman who did something with her life, then I would think that she was a good cultural symbol

My reply:

Ah in retrospect I realized that the Geisha is in fact a Japanese symbol and k-pop most definitely is korean. Perhaps I should re-word my sentence to hopefully say this on behalf of at least some Asian women in general. I think the only reason I specified to be Chinese was well, because the movie was placed in China and I didn’t want to over ride my borders by saying I’m speaking for other cultures as well.

As for the bird poop, I wasn’t in any way trying to offend the Japanese, I believe I read that somewhere which described what they used in the old days. I completely agree that Geishas are very admirable, I’m a big fan of “Memoirs of a Geisha’, my apologies for the confusion.

Thank you for your honesty in your comment.

To summarize, the post had simply been rambles with rather poorly hidden contempt for inheritable stereotypes that I’ve been personally expected of or standardized for, and for many a few people I know who want to enforce the tradition. Or if you want to put it nicely, as if I’d really done a good deed, I was trying to encourage everyone to not juxtapose others or themselves with Barbie or Geishas, metaphorically from the West and East.

I realize that the comment isn't as harsh as some of you may have gotten, but despite what the Duck appears to be, it still has feelings guys. Pampered to its downy feathers.
I realize that the comment isn’t as harsh as some of you may have gotten, but despite what the Duck appears to be, it still has feelings guys. Pampered through to its downy feathers.

If you think that was (hopefully) a good reply, then you must know that I had to read that comment at least 3 times before I was coherent enough to think of an appropriate answer.  And a few times after that, something still stirred inside me as I read it over and over. It took me awhile as I thought of it during my 3 trip angry mop-frenzy around the house. It’s all too familiar with the feeling of having an essay handed back to you marked not meeting expectations.

Similarly, in both cases, I’ve been terribly spoiled.

In all of my English classes, my teachers have always loved me ever since I became a bookworm and actually learned English. That, henceforth has been practically the only way for me to really speak, so pardon me for being a sensitive prune and cringing at the words “it was hard to read“. It’s the same as someone saying your head doesn’t make sense. Thankfully, I already know that. And I think a whole lot of you know that as well. And if I may, might I say I we(?) like it. The other half, was also partially by default since many people of the new generation (sadly) don’t really care for the art of language, but it’s nice to wrongly flatter yourself anyway.

On the blogosphere, I’ve always felt to be somewhat babied or pampered, having never been in any distasteful situations as I’ve seen others experience. But if there is any intrinsic rule to sharing, it’s the moment you hit that ‘publish’ button; you’re really asking for a hackle – quote a quote Kiwi *ahem, one of the people spoiling me oh so terribly* – Good or bad. Although I’m not exactly glad the comment-er felt my post was contradictory and difficult to grasp, I think the moment you meet someone who disagrees with what you think or say or do, it means you’ve reached a broad audience. And that in itself, is already considered a great accomplishment for me.

I don’t care if that logic is warped. Leave me be.

At the very least, this promises you to be able to handle those infamously crabby bosses inevitable in every career.

In my case, I’ve been very fortunate to meet a great variety of wonderful people through blogging that I would’ve never have gotten the chance to know otherwise. All of whom have shed great light and much flattery to the Duck. No complaints of course. So for all the newcomers, I hope the fear of critics did not scare you too terribly, or worse, stopped you from ever starting your own blog. I’d take a tough comment any day for the people I get to interact with. If I could, I would choose to survive solely on my somewhat virtual acquaintances, or if you really want to snuggle, friends.

Hack-hack- I sicken myself as well.  

Last gag-gift, promise:

So thank you for all your kind words, encouragements, friendly jabs, life lessons, maybe even lectures and everything in between. You guys make me grateful that I began blogging and kept at it.

For the more experienced bloggers who may have been through this before, what’s your advice, or how do you handle your critics in general?

Okay, I snuffled your rude image of the Duck, no apologies; If it helps, I hope the jabs are at your expense. There. Be prepared for the maniac next time.