This blog tag is perhaps the only physical movement of a tag game that I have not ran away from – pun, ha. Oh Duck, you make me laugh.

Given to me by Rohan, bopping along as always. I could just imagine the imaginary tap as we’re playing a game alike to duck-duck-goose, and that ever cheerful smile running away form me. Eugh. How I would run after you with the gusto of a mad hen – in a different life

All babies are hermaphrodites - proven.
All babies are hermaphrodites – proven.

time, where chocolate did not exist.

Step 1: help people know the rules. Ew.

Step 2: Photo of the legendary Duck. Supposedly une bebe one according to Rohan’s example 😮 and 11 facts.

1 – I eat all cookies and hamburgers alike in a circle until the middle.

2 – I always eat the outside of that fancy german ice cream before I eat the actual ice cream itself.

3 – Sometimes I’m a little afraid of the flush of the toilet.

4 – If I’m feeling up to a wuss one day, I’ll reach in to turn on the light with my arm before I enter a room.

5 – I must close the bathroom door (if it’s in my bedroom) while I sleep.

6 – I like scraping the spoon around the ice cream over and over to eat it in little bits.

7 – I have (baby) vampire fangs; does nothing but poke my tongue guys.

8 – I would like to donate blood if only they did not prick your finger to check your health beforehand.

9 – I’m currently trying this awful new health shake so I don’t have to keep track of my fruits and veggies regularly.

10 – Clearly I love food.

11 – I am that much closer to having to pay taxes..

Step 3: Answer (stupid) questions from the previous blogger; spare me the welcome Rohan.

  1. What’s your favorite toe? I’ve been staring and staring, none – they’re all hideous. Maybe that one that got stabbed by a fork when I was child but didn’t hurt. Thanks for that toe. 
  2. When is the last time you ate a piece of toast? About a week ago cause I’m asian and there’s never bread round here for a Duck. 
  3. Can I have a hug? Awww, bear hugg; beware of cat fur
  4. How long is a piece of string? As long as the Duck’s ever growing Pinocchio-nose 
  5. How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man? When he reaches the high way and dies. 
  6. Are these questions annoying? No, now that you’ve died, it’s become rather fun. 
  7. What’s your favorite video game? Mario Kart.
  8. What did you have for breakfast…4 days ago? I didn’t have breakfast and grumbled away in first block. 
  9. Do you live within 15 minutes of a body of water like a river, sea or lake? The impossible volume of piss my cat produces.  
  10. Have you ever smelled a dog fart? No, but I do ponder about my cat’s arse. 
  11. Have you ever hugged a shoe? Oh yes – mommy? 

Step 4: Create mind blowing questions- now guys, I had to answer weird questions, so the chain lives on.

1. Does nobody else here fear anal leakage?
2. Have you ever sniffed a cat’s butt? (whew)
3. Getting licked by a Camel?
4. Peeing with the door open?
5. Embarrassing child-like games on your phone?
6. How does one casually become the weirdest?
7. Where do you find Waldo?
8. Why is the sky blue?
9. Why is the Duck so magnificent?
10. Which strand of eyelash do you love the most?
11. What is the secret of the universe?

( I don’t really know how this works, so I guess it’s just people who you’d love to see do the wiggle with these questions)

Adam – you’ve been lazier than I have been , totes to you.

Katie –  I simply must hear this.

Kiwi   – It’s been awhile, we must reunite over my disturbing humor.

Stuph – stuph it.

Mirror Obscura – oh, you’re not going to like this !

Russel – What’s it take to make top 10 eh?

Holy Grail to you all.