If one were to reminisce on the good days of rooty-toot cartoon, one shall always remember the dramatic symphony accompanying the bad guy tip-toeing to ever lasting doom of failure to our entertainment. He’ll be walking real slow, then speeding with such toe pointed perfection, it’d make a ballerina hurl. That music, ladies and gentlemen, is about how I feel right now.

Before everything though, this post was for the very inspiring blogger award, given to me by Gabriel Lucatero, another cool name that I’ll just never have. But like we all like to tie slightly relevant things to our posts, let’s talk inspiration.very-inspiring-blogger-award

Quite frankly, my inspiration could be as far- or close – fetched as digging for my cats hidden poops in his litter box. I make life fun that way. Yesterday however I just got a call and confirmed that I will be going to Quebec for 6 weeks this summer, for a YMCA summer exchange program. Before I lay out all else, get this – it’s $75 in total round trip – plane then train. Oh, and might I add that you get hosted by a family, so food, shelter and all that, plus a job there while you try to immerse yourself pathetically into the accented population. Course making new friends. Blah. I’m sure I’ll be the height of the party there with my no-nonsense one shot jokes, the punch line being Pu-Ha ! I’m sure all my french lessons has done me good thus far.

The situation had been a last minute one as my family could not host so I was put on the waiting list, but thankfully, or not quite (in their remorse), someone dropped out at the last minute so there the Duck will make her unsuitable enterprise!

Now if you must ask and remind me, of course I’ll be just heart-stricken to leave my darling fattyfats behind. In fact, I might even miss the alarmingly disturbing wake up call of having cat saliva drip down your lips. It was refreshing to say the least. I’m awake now.

Worry not though, apparently my host family has a dog, a cat, and chickens. I’ll finally have my barn festival. I’ll be Texas-Francophone.

Life shall be interesting in plucking me off the city maps into the almost-countryside. I think I’m more excited to pull an egg out of a chicken’s uterus. One simply must experience the authentic lifestyle of the countries. Then of course, pull out that bread and butter and smoke on a French cigar. I feel like I’d come back with that little round one glass that butlers wear for a souvenir.

As for the fuck it?

Hell am I not afraid of not just sleeping somewhere foreign. But the dreaded weather.

The east side will surely be the death of me. It was only slightly sunny yesterday here and the Duck felt trepidation regardless. My mother’s boyfriend has not failed to mention how wonderfully I’ll enjoy the blistering sun there now that it’s the dry season. There goes my plan of not burning like a bumpkin like my mom. Fat good that’ll do me to make fun of her when I come back the same.

Nobody here thought of “like mother like daughter.” Nobody.

While it’s about 1pm here, I ought to get packing, and cleaning, do my laundry, change my bed sheets.. and everything else that I’ve just abandoned to the wind over the mere course of 1 week into the summer. Here’s some notable people that’ll keep you entertained while I’m gone. That was a suitable ending wasn’t it? Humble in the haughtiest sense – the Duck’s only way.

Evan Sanders – Always an inspiration; he’s come far from the time I’ve begun to follow him.

Katie ( I just realized I don’t know your last name) – I know I’ve been spamming you alot, but I’m hauling ass getting there to 20, and sass is a trait needed in this world.

Bitter Ben – the terrible inspirational fuel for all the 21st century.

Tracy – What I look forward to when I get to hap-hazardously scar my kids with the memory of all that is good and holy for a mother.

Dr.Bill Wooten – A classic for the most poignant kind of inspiration.

Kiwi – One of the first to always push me forward. With food, of course.

Rohan Healy – For his heartfelt contribution to stop my fear of anal leakage as of recent.

Scott Williams – Trusty guidance with the papers and all to back it up.

Everyday Guru – Ever peace lover that I do not annoy with. P.S kids’ have the cutest chubby cheeks to die for.

Eric (Le Clown) – I’ll be visiting that poutine-singing, pot-headed, steam hyped town in 4 days. Good luck to me. But that latest with Brenda was cool. Tiny Geek’s alright. She can take you down a notch.