My writing teacher decided to introduce the topic of us scribbling all our thoughts nonstop for 10minutes and this is the result of asking the Duck to rattle her brain.


Shoulder too wide

A set of doe eyes

Men wearing fishnet stockings, and

Prada, as the supposed devil wears

In the movie of fashionistas

We will always find something to admire

Accentuate the Asian eyes

Bring in the theme of faux punk and rock

In all the storefronts catering 13-35

Look, young child, what do you know of beautiful

Men, are competition now; defy and redefine

Someone like Jefrree Starr

Rivaling Adam Lambert’s form in high heels

Galore of stardom, expressionism of year 21

I listen to neither, but acknowledge a sleek transcension

Towards something darker, a large hooked nose


A frightening form of Mechanical Animals

We savage the world

Into a boy with pouttier lips

And a girl whose square face resembles

Another’s wicked fantasy

Marilyn, with her dress up