So… I’m kind of lazy and it is now 1:22 am over here wherever I am. So a writing challenge from class I will post.

Sarah. The name of many; the name that she once got teased for in grade 5 when her classmates searched their names’ origins and meaning – Isaac’s mother, a boy in the class; Princess. Sarah. The one here right now does not aspire to be many, but the small niche that she admires. Can we be Weird People? Even with such a common name, common face; square jaw and a widow’s peak. When she smiles her cheeks are lifted up, almost exuberantly, atop her high cheekbones. Yet she is not modelesque. Somewhat misleading to describe her that way; Sarah does not have slender fingers or dainty wrists. In fact, her entire build is average. An unprepossessing soul you will pass by on the street many a times one day. Hello, goodbye. What defines her is her macabre sense of humor, especially on days when she can no longer invent another loud outfit to be one of the Weird People. Sometimes, or always, when you ask her, “Sarah, what do you do for fun?” She’ll tell you she reads. She writes. She thinks – but she doesn’t say that because that defeats the purpose, on top of the fact that at that point the conversation is almost always at an obsolete. To make it fair, Sarah does have some attributes of communications. Her cat; have I said she’s a cat lady? Yes, a year and a half and counting, but at the foundation of all that is the name, the word, Sarah; The word; her words. That’s what tells you who she is. Her words are generously self-mocking. She does not hate herself, for the most part, but neither is she completely impressed. So what sense of satisfaction does she derive from her solitude, her quiet, and at the same time longing, her attitude, towards a social life? Needless to say, Sarah has made some very stupid mistakes. Like not correcting numerous persons for spelling her name out as ‘Sara’, rather than properly. She doesn’t like that. This year though, so far, she has been alright – on her terms.

Sarah, tell me something about yourself; do your rings mean something significant? Are you still bothered – hindered – by your father’s death; though you hardly think so. Sarah. When did you begin to see some things, but also miss others? Often, she thinks about a time she has never known. She misses it. It’s as spiritual a message as someone as godless as her can muster. On the contrary, Sarah is not a Satanist. She’s rather afraid of the dark. Sometimes, she is just nothing. In moments, she is proud, happy, with her long hair, her piercings, and her love of literature, art, music, and tattoos. Sometimes, she falls out of love with herself. On those days, Sarah would wake up with a swollen eye, or a patch of dry skin that refuses moisturizing. Sarah. How ambiguous a name; what can I tell you to share my knowledge of Sarah? She has a large smile and very straight teeth, so straight that she almost had to get braces to curve them out. She has a set of Vampire teeth also; fangs. She does not necessarily like this kinship, what with the Twilight propaganda. Sarah wonders about brutality occasionally. For the most part, she settles for some snarky schadenfreude. Like most people, she is selfish. On a whim of optimism and light hearted romantic hope, she thinks to herself, A writer says to themselves, “So I’ve been thinking…” And then we all came to be. – It’s her favorite.