Laugh my dear
Until you double over
To clutch your stomach
With the vibrancy
Of epiphanic aligned dreams
Shaking, with the rumbles
Of clever comment
Or stupid jokes
So silly, it is
Life telling you
To smile

Take a deep breath
One much needed
To fill the empty pockets
Make for swollen lungs
In order to contract your diaphragm
Giggling with glee
In its royal puffiness
The joys of good times

Revel in the good vibe
Of fairy wine
Tickling all the nerves and the muscles
The message says
“If you must die
Choke on silent laughter
Until you can no more
Breathe nor see”
Eyes squinted, blocking happy tears
Even as it runs down rebelliously
Alongside the scrunched up face
Still, you don’t mind
It is only laughter that drives us

Let open your desire
To rock back and forth
Towards the skies and Gods alike
Proclaim your might,
“Hear me roar Titans!”
Then return to the ground, double back and
Slap your knees like a grandma
Or clap them together
Not unlike a presumptuous walrus
Proud and inclined
To stick its tongue out and
Goggle its eyes at you
To which you are not obligated
Anything else
Aside from the gifted chant of laughter
Music to the ears
Cackle and guffaw
Do as you must
I ask you only
To laugh, my dear