She sends me the shivers
So casual, indistinct…
You make me wonder
About your serene, long face
It aggravates me
The way you look on gently
Like Mother Theresa to one
Of her many amorphous children
That is us.
I could hate you for it
The calm you possess
Your gaze says nothing
The decision is entirely mine
God, this is stupid
Confound it
Trace the outline of you
Down against the plump curves
Of your unrefined arms
Your indifferent slumped posture
Ignorant hips thrusted forward
You are so simple
So plain
The colors are bleeded out now
But for the moment I live
Perfectly in that instance
Of clean pleated tulle
Sewn onto your finely laced bodice
Live on in young elegance
Like a girlish Jewish princess
Holding outwards
Firecrackers alight
You taunt me
Strange long eyes
Compatible creature
You are but my very first daguerreotype
I think of you still
If that was in fact your name

Woman ,Nana

(A little upset because wordpress wouldn’t let me do with the spacing as I wanted, so if you know how to stop it from making it all on one side, let me know ! Please&Thank yous!)