Why do disciplined eyes avert
Away from the topics of my choice,
Be it the fancy of a lady’s bosom
Or the catching of breathes,
If only just the caught of butterflies
Rather than your very own perverse imagination
Of sexual delight

I find it funny
Ironically sad, that you deny the very facts
Of which makes you human;
The more you furrow and scowl
To set yourself aside, with a jaw set tight
The more I wish to jostle you the better
Into the raw power of engagement; life

We can examine the nature of ways together
Step inside the anatomy of perverse remarks
They, after all, at least leave a lasting imprint
On all of our searching, suppressed, hearts,
Foraging within this chaotic society
Onward towards a better cloaked innuendo –
Something to make of in private
Like a lingering tea note,
Not offensive enough to hurt
Our fat homo sapiens pride .

Forget awhile then, your intelligent status
Allow yourself your own rebirth
To only pure blind senses.
We are only a band of perversion
Set in motion, only the further,
Through the restrictive rules
Of their oppressive eyes



* Actually a true story from the reactions of two of my classmates in writing class. Up until then I had never had a problem with my subjects, and maybe it could be said once again how tolerating and humoring of the Duck the blogosphere is here.. Spoiled spoiled thing.