So, I was supposed to have posted yesterday and wished everyone a Happy Halloween, but I didn’t. Rather the Duck decided to just momentarily multiply the mouths and appetites of her household with the help of her friends on a whim. Then they ended up staying the night after downing the completely un-distributed chocolate and candy hoarded for this wonderfully legitimate reason. Nobody came to the house to ask for a share. That, of course, had nothing to do with the fact that I never bothered to turn on the lights outside the house… Or that I had forgotten to put out our very much untouched pumpkin with my old witch hat. Sad.

Aside from the fact that I discovered at the end of the day how much better my last minute scarecrow outfit looked had I tried a little less, I didn’t take a picture of that either because taking off all that make up and seeing my reflection in the mirror was the event that was truly frightening.


Then there were some silly incantations of scary stories friends and I collected over the years. But fuck that too (yes, swearing, that’s how much I will ask you to stand outside the bathroom door while I mingle) because I hate scary stories, so I convinced them to watch a chick flick and writhe over embarrassment for how badly the main character behaved with guys. Couldn’t even derive petty pleasure from watching her screw herself over. Aren’t we just saints at heart?

And now, I am writing this during a spare block and running on five hours of sleep because my friends are assholes and the Duck is supposed to be getting 7-8, so I finish with something I wrote the other day in class addressing young girls and guys trying to be too old, while people like the Duck only wished nobody would slam the door on her when she chooses to trick-or-treat. Shame.

Some time ago
We were allowed to look
Wearing a shirt our mother tucked in
Too deeply
Into the pants she hiked up too excitedly
Above our round bellies;
No such things
As shopping for ourselves

When at family reunions
We would not be embarrassed
Just a moment hindered
As mama improvised a restaurant napkin
In place of a proper bib
To put into our shirts
And secured it mealy,
Because, who was really watching?

To save time
We ate with our hands and shoved food
Too big for proper manners, and
Forgot to wipe our mouths
Or just didn’t care
For mother’s reprimands
Just so we could capture
A few more flight of
Play time, with our cousins

Then to our brothers and sisters
We drew faces
And directed plays,
Showed it to our parents
To make for old videotapes, of us
Rolling and undulating
The lumps of fat
That indicated our might;
We called it, our stomach

So for every outfit of the year
We won nothing but care for
In pants and shirts,
Patterns and colours,
Made out to look like the kitchen decor
Of grandmama’s wallpaper;
But who cares
When we are only children
Forever and ever