A prompt from writing class – to lighten up the mood from previous post.

Originally by Jenny Joseph : Warning 

When I am an old woman, I shall drink tea
With my pinkie up, then let one rip
In the middle of a fancy restaurant
And have the audacity to ask,
“Does anyone else smell that?”

I shall speak in a British accent
And stare down the handsome lad on the skytrain
And tell my grandchildren they’ve got to stop eating
And make up for the hurt pride of my youth

I shall exploit my Asian heritage, the foreign old lady
And come away with free samples
And sniff at my friends for not being able to keep up;
Pathetic old crows

I shall soak my dentures at the park
And converse with homeless people
And we shall huddle together and judge
The pedestrians passing by.
I shall laugh until I pee
And ask calmly if you may please
Change my adult diaper, for dear old me.

I shall scare the children in my neighborhood
And ask if they want candy
And pet my cat by the window –

The crazy old lady down the street.