Sadly, I do not have the rules with me this time so I can’t ask you to formally join me,  but apparently the Flanders Field poem was written in this form – news for me until 2 days ago – so I guess some of you more sophisticated people might know this random trivia as annoying smart people do. Here’s my attempt of it anyway. Much harder this time around than my previous challenge. Enjoy (:


When I was young I watched them twirl
In Tutus and skirts, a small world
Made for ballerinas and dance
Laced ankles in the strictest stance
Postured arms and legs, swirl on swirl

It spoke of class and easy grace
Avian creatures of refined taste
I have met my maker, said I
When I was young

Taken, I observed their finesse
Adopted pride, at their request
Took heed to this form of old art
Then on stage I forgot my part
It was the make up I guess
When I was young