It’s been about a week and a bit since I last posted anything or even really frequented the blogosphere, which is sad. Even more sad that I alternately feel worse and turn to avoid blogging even more, and then feel more like a dipshit. It’s a beautiful win win cycle.

So because this is the one time that I am actually awake – which has been quite the rarity in the past week; I’m quite sure I’m officially one of the ‘bad kids’ now for having fallen asleep in practically every class at least twice. And here I have always wondered the art of sleeping in public. Hm. Lots of random loud outbursts that shudders you awake. Or the occasional cat-dream-chase that caused me to elliptically jerk and hit the person next to me. What a laughing commotion that caused. Is this how tough skin and class clowns begin?

Otherwise, my sister and I actually got Christmas shopping out of the way, and for once I am entirely too glad to have paired up with her in the purchase of my mother’s gift – something I believe to finally be worth her while since the three years ago that I began making home made gifts. Either that, or I have completely ran out of ideas and skills. Except that now I am completely broke. Happy holidays and good spirits everyone! Truly, only the poor does say money doesn’t mean everything!

On the other hand my mother is suffering from a case of anaemia and possibly something else as well, so best of hope to her and that winter won’t be taking it’s worse toll this year.

In terms of work, the Duck is also very humbled and glad to have referred her friends to her job – some struggles out there are just too real to be true. They are only supposed to be the perverse sadistic type that the Duck reveres and wishes to write one day. Characters, I say. So hip-hip cheerios to those guys (:

I’d end in a poem, but I found that the only one I had written as of a recent was a rather hard hitting angry slam poetry, so maybe not on this post…but a nice 7:30 am picture to end the day accompanied by a charming little thing that the Duck read in class. Oh and the fact that this link of unlikely animal friendship makes me very happy. Humour me.

snow morning

The Drawer

She opened the drawer and he fell out. She helped him to get up and to allay his embarrassment. “Don’t worry about it,” she said. “Next time I’ll open the drawer more carefully – you probably won’t be there.”

* And plus that I received an award as a 2013 blog.. Just give me a minute to beat the time line.. Drone. Snooze. Zzzzz