Recently I find myself pondering in a lot of ways what I represent. Particularly on my blog if you are really going to solidify the epitome of a human being into a concrete (somewhat, web and all) substance.

I come across bloggers from time to time that seamlessly share their life stories and find that I don’t find that weird. It is completely strange though, if you really think about it. Then some days I feel inspire – or ambitious – and try to write you some not-so-funny anecdotes about my life, or just another sincerely irrelevant event that only true artists can make a topic of. Turns out I didn’t find them all that funny. Sarcastic? Yes. Puny? Almost indefinitely. Then I tried my hand at some inspirational writing, and though it was well received, I felt like such a phony. I mean, who talks like that?

Right, you guys do.

So who is the Duck exactly? What with her faulty poetry and handsome literature, if the Duck does in fact say so herself. Honestly though, they are much too complicated, if I weren’t inside my own brain with all the excessive background noises going on for each piece I don’t think I would like to read them either. Don’t worry about it, you don’t owe me a thing.

I just figured as well that the ‘Laughing Duck’ as a title is truly the biggest scam on the internet. Some works were truly done by one sullen, lonesome ducklet. So lots of duck hunting soul searching has been coming about. In fact, this entire post too, was taken after another blogger’s voice. Sigh.

But anyway, you don’t mind right? Go figure.