It’s been a  long time everyone.  A lot of things happened.  I came back from Vienna last week after being in Europe  with many firsts: getting my ass to Europe for one, a destination all North Americans say they want to go but end up not going to. Travelling alone (and how lonely that is – more on that later) and booking the flight to meet someone across the world. I decided to videotape myself as self-consolation for all the emotions with no edits, both good and bad that I’ve felt. Some of them private and self-depreciative in afterthought, as well realizing now I’ve used their first name since I hadn’t filmed this with the intention to share it with the world. I’m glad now however I’m able to look back on it and own all these emotions without shame and share them, with maybe slim hopes that it would touch somebody out there by hearing what needs to be said because there is something powerful about videos after all.


p.s these videos are massive, if anyone knows the thought to get them smaller. I need a techy.