… is not a sentence that is uttered by many females.

I’ve always been a big fan of boudoir photography. I don’t know the technical definition of it [definition of Boudoir is French for a women’s private (thank god I didn’t stop reading here) bedroom or room. Adding photography is to capture the women in the most flattering poses that fit her body in a similar intimate setting]  – thanks Google. I just thought it was a reason for regular gals like me to get done up in porn star make up (and really cake it on, it’s your one chance) and get slutty every so often. Like selfies, but cranking it up a notch.

Why this enthusiasm?  Well, because, damn, I looked good.

I said it. I designed and set up a self portrayed photo shoot for myself with the simple tools of a flexible gorilla grip tripod and a living room chair dragged to the privacy of my room. Right after I got the pictures loaded up to the computer and after some basic cropping, I hardly waited to berate my close girlfriends about how proud I was for my body. Not to be taken aggressively – sure I work out and I love it, but I love food too, so pick your battles and eat just a little less or equal to what you burn – but to be so proud of your own body as a modern day female…gosh guys, I got to tell you, it feels great.

My high opinion of myself was blessed by my girlfriend for my creativity, because boudoir, or if you don’t feel that luxurious, just plain dirty photos of a girl can be made as a form of artistry. Ladies, we’ve got the better end of the stick here. Rarely do you not find some sort of beauty in photographing women. Our bodies are sensual, curvaceous, slender and everything else in between. Embrace it. Feel sexy and emboldened by your sexuality. Surprise yourself with your boundaries; make up themes , a persona even, and project in your mind all these mass propaganda of female model figures we’re exposed to anyway – make use of them!

For the purpose of my own privacy, I can’t share one of my favorite accidental shots that my camera captured, but below is a quick selfie I took with my phone. This particular one won’t be boasting the HD quality I received with my camera  (but don’t be afraid to really take a look at yourself in HD, honest, it adopts a sense of professionalism instead of just you dicking around with the camera and if that’s ease of conscience to you, then also take care to make the short leap and say you do in fact look good). As well I’ve cropped my eyes for publishing so we can’t celebrate the voodoo make up unfortunately, but I’m sure all ladies are born with the innate sense of a dark smokey eye. Of course it is my hope that the intention to share is received well. This post came as a bubbling forth of my cry to let women out there feel good in their skin. Matter of fact, my girlfriends wanted me to photograph them too after my enthused messages. I dare you, and then take a look at yourself and tell me you didn’t at least privately admit to yourself, “Damn, I look good.”



Surprise yourself.
And if any of you have a lucky guy to send that too – well, have him send me a large bag of Science Diet cat food as thanks. I’ll take it.
*for any of you who have known me, see, still the same. Sexy is a cloth I put over my head.