“So what if we had to wade our way through the streets
Ever since all our thoughts became tangibles left in our wake?”
I could already see the engines starting in gear behind your eyes
Though you divert it with an interruption –
“Now why would you say that?”
“What if someone in this world actually lives like that today,
Feeling inundated by all our covert thoughts that up until now
They have felt blinded by.”
But the proposal was lost on you my friend, the scientist, I could already see
The questions burgeoning on the eve of clarification
As to whether our tangible thoughts trailed after us
Rather than just lingered in one place, enough that I exclaim,
“Can’t you for one moment entertain the idea of an abstract universe?”
Yet your eyes scanned my pupils for detection of hinted exasperation
Without being able to see what is incalculable
By virtue, that is the breadth of our minds.