'Who am I' she asks : A creative explosion of paradoxical remarks the student replied.



Letting go of your hand, I felt fear
In case you would forget me, long after I
Had already begun to move on.
“Why do you think we want to be
Remembered?” You asked once before.
I stopped making believe
Of our fake dialogues since
I can remember.

The Return


I spoke too soon when I
Called it a backslide,
In case you were worried
I realized what this has been.
“I’ve always been here.” You simply
Didn’t see it
So don’t be surprised by the
Of who we are.

Reasons to


I hadn’t thought to ask
Forgotten really, the reason
“Where have we been all along?”
It seemed silly
When we had all the reasons to



We said we would
Keep in touch
And not let the distance beat us.
“Talk to you tomorrow,” was meant
To be sincere, against the odds
Our last message expired
Since then,
And outlived our promises


Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals

I realize I am laughing aloud, turning
around to see the room in the background
of my peripherals, you still exist
In conversation, even as I know better
than to stop believing.
None of this is real I realize, and I think of how
true it is that we can live infinitely against the world,
safely inside the asylum of our imaginations.

A Choice


“Choose wisely,
Would you have your words be
Brave or sincere, since you can’t
Have both so long as
Pride and your desire are in
Play.” I pondered in the split
Second before replying
And realized this has always been
A choice
All along.



When there’s too much to say at hand,
Laden with intentions left  unsaid,
“We can meet for coffee sometime,” is
A better proposition to say
In lieu of goodbyes,
So that I could only concede,



“Would you rather
I take away
The pain
Of memories
Or the pain
Of your denial?
Would it make it better
To forget
Than to care,
For once
Can you stand
The chance you took
And hold
Onto your losses.”

The Words


“I feel I have so much to say, that I
Can’t speak
At all. Is there such a thing as
The right words?”
“Only when you start
Having conversations
Outside of yourself, you’ll find
The words will come
To accept

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